As many see, the random number giveaway every Sunday has been very successful. Unfortunately some members are not logged in Telegram on Sunday and cannot participate in the random number giveaway …  

Every Sunday, minimum 9 Rounds and 1 bonus rounds (ERC-1155 Prizes, ERC20 and more) + Special Events RNG (+25 Rounds per year)


This is why I propose this token . If you buy for example the number 3 and the number 3 is drawn, you win without being online !  The numbered tokens will be on sale throughout the year.

This token gives you lifetime access for all the Cryptotipsfr Random Number Giveaway.

Update RNG 2.0 (APRIL 2020)

Bonus Dice Update

The bonus dice is included in each future RNG * !

The bonus dice is a multiplier from 1 to 10.

If you win a round of Random Number Giveaway you will have the possibility to choose a number from 1 to 6, if you select the right number you win ! (Up to x 10)

The multiplier is random and is chosen in advance by the administrator. The dice is not programmed in advance, it’s a 100% Random system.

* Not compatible with the bonus rounds, and with items that are not part of the platform. (Example, Unitopia Multiverse, Enjin Collections..)

  • Supply Update :
  • At 3000-3500 members (on https://t.me/CryptotipschatFR) the supply of the RNG Ticket will increase from 55 to 100 Tokens.
  • 100 Tokens = 2 x more wins for the Random Number Giveaway
  • Total Supply (Fixed) : 100 Tokens 
  • Circulating Supply : 55 Tokens
  • Contract adress : https://enjinx.io/eth/asset/87159326
  • Random Number Giveaway each sunday (10+ Rounds)

More update soon, stay connected.

You no longer need to be present for the Random number. Buy this token will guarantee winnings automatically sent to your enjin wallet ! By buying this token you support Cryptotipsfriends, for bigger prizes for future giveaways, for the development of new projects, new ERC1155, txs fees. I re invest 90% of the gains from sales.


The authorized number limit is 5 per telegram account, wallet adress. If you buy two numbers and you are online at the random number giveaway you can play a third number (2 RNG Tokens + 1 Online) !

1 X Random Number Giveaway Token + 
Online for the RNG 
= 2 Numbers
2 X Random Number Giveaway Token + 
Online for the RNG 
= 3 Numbers 

1 X Random Number Giveaway Token 
= 1 Number
2 X Random Number Giveaway Token 
= 2 Numbers

RNG Lottery (Crypto-Papal) : https://cryptotipsfriends.com/?product=rng-ticket-24-lottery

RNG (Crypto-Paypal) : https://cryptotipsfriends.com/?product=rng-ticket-erc1155

Random Number Giveaway Ticket Holders :

Holders : X

  • Listed for Sale : ✓
  • Sold : ✗

For more information join the community channel

* RNG : Random Number Giveaway 

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