Crypto Treasure Hunt

Welcome to the Crypto Treasure Hunt #2 !

This time we offer you more enigmatic, harder and sometimes more psychedelic puzzles !

above, the images of the first treasure hunt

Today it offers you the possibility of acquiring a Enjin wallet with lots of nice surprises inside, like 1 CryptotipsFr KINGTOKEN & 200 CRTS.

It will be necessary to be logical and sagacious.

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the words hunt. I’m Kuss and I will follow you during this adventure. You will have to find the 12 words of the Enjin private key, to win nice gifts !

If you joined us on the telegram group: TREASURE HUNT ACCESS you could see the first 3 images. We will continue with one file on Saturday and one on Sunday. To make it fair, the last three files will be published at the same time on Sunday, May 31.
If you have any questions, write to me on telegram @cryptokuss

[ TREASURE HUNT ACCESS TOKEN*, you can use to get one clue ! ]

The more Token you have, the more clues you will have.

Except for the last 3, there will be no clues

Airdrop #1

Trasure Hunt Access Token Information (NFT)

  • Supply : 365 Tokens
  • Circulating Supply : 100 Tokens
  • For sale : 215 Tokens
  • Reserved For Promotions-Giveaways : 50 Tokens
  • Reserve (Sale) : 100 Tokens
  • Contract adress :
  • 1 X Treasure hunt badge for each Treasure Hunt Access Token purchased.

The treasure hunt begins Friday May 1st on the telegram group :

See you soon🔍

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6 thoughts on “Crypto Treasure Hunt

  1. So far so good 😁
    Was very easy at the start…
    Now pictures getting a bit more difficult.
    But I like it 😉

  2. Very cool!First one was easy-ish…second is …outstanding ! Let’s see who’s the best hunter ! 🙂

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