CRTS BuyBack Program

With the power of the community !


Join the Airdrops on @Cryptotipsfr


Join LAToken and complete your KYC tier 2


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Increase CRTS without spending your money
Eat, Sleep Pump repeat !
Win Exclusive NFT's !

How will crts grow in value over time?

Cryptotipsfr has a quality communication network.
Sharing quality Giveaways and Airdrops allows Cryptotipsfr to generate profit. With the support of the community the chances of winning are higher.

Why join the giveaways, airdrops on Cryptotipsfr?

I post the giveaways, airdrops the day they are released. (all the projects are verified, no scam)
You allow the project to evolve without much effort and you also win prizes.
The prizes won are re-invested in CRTS.
With the mass effect we can more easily earn Giveaways and inject money into CRTS projects.

Other sources of income for the buyback program?

Yes. Betfury referral gains, others airdrops-giveaways (Gleam, Twitter..)
Brave Creator rewards, CryptotipsFr Promotions-Sponsoring
And more ! Thanks for the support

Active Airdrops & Giveaways (LAToken)* : 

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*LAToken does not verify tasks.
You just need a LAToken verified account (KYC Tier2) and the LAToken app.
The average price of rewards without ref is $ 2-50