Uniswap Pool ETH/CRTS

Provide Liquidity on Uniswap ETH/CRTS

Add Liquidity on Uniswap (CRTS-ETH)

ERC20-ERC1155 Staking

Staking Information

How to provide liquidity?

1. Open the dapp-browser of your Trustwallet, Enjin Wallet or Metamask
2. Open https://app.uniswap.org into the dapp-browser
3. Select “Pool”
4. Click “Add Liquidity”
5. Click “Select Token”
6. Paste the CRTS Contract adress :
7. Select the number of CRTS you want to add. Make sure to have the same value in ETH.
8. Click “Approve” to approve CRTS on Uniswap.
9. Click “Supply Liquidity” *

CRTS Farming : 15.01.2020

10. Add UNIV2 Token on the farming pool and farm $CRTS
11. Farm $CRTS (15.01.2021)

If you provide liquidity on Uniswap your not eligible for the (ERC20) CRTS Staking.

Otherwise you must have at least 1000 CRTS on your ERC20 wallet.

* After you have confirmed the transaction in your Ethereum wallet, your funds will be in the pool and in return you receive so called “UNI LP tokens”.
These tokens represent the share of liquidity you have in the pool. If 1% of all tokens in the pool are yours, Uniswap will mint LP tokens which entitle you to 1% of the liquidity + the trading fees generated in that period.
In other words these tokens are a booking tool for the protocol to keep track of who is owed what. If you send your LP tokens to a friend, they could withdraw the liquidity in lieu of you.
In order to keep constant_product constant, eth_quantity and token_quantity can only move inversely.
When a trader makes a purchase of CRTS using ETH, they are increasing ETH (as they add ETH to the liquidity pool) and decreasing CRTS (as they remove CRTS from the liquidity pool).

CRTS Farming #2 Supply : 11'111 Tokens
1-2 Months Max.
Farming #2 : 01.03.2021

This update is to attract more farmers.
The APY of farming is + 500%
If you vote yes, an additional supply will be added to the farm.
I offer this alternative to avoid paying excessive fees in ETH.