Anyone can start a new game by using the /startgame command. If no games are already running, a new game will be created.

For any game to begin, a minimum of 3 players should join the game using /join command within 6 minutes of game creation. The person who initiated the game can then use /begin command to start the game or else, if minimum number of players are found, then the game starts automatically after 6 minutes.

Next when the game begins, players have to pay 1 entry ticket by using the command /paywithticket. If you don’t have tickets, you can buy them from the bot for a price of 10 crts per ticket.

After everyone have made their payments, final player list is displayed.

Here the Prize Pool for winning the game is also displayed. Say n players join the game. Then prize pool = (n – 1) * 10 CRTS.

If 3 players are in the game, then the winner will get 20 crts.

Play now !

Lucky Gates (Telegram Bot)

Are you feeling lucky today?Do you feels as though you can win big today? Then Boi oh Boi! It’s time for you to test your luck by playing a game with Lucky Gates Bot.

First of all, make sure you have a Tomo wallet.

Tomo Wallet

Game Mechanics

In each Round :
Everyone is confronted by 6 doors.
● 1 door has 3 points
● 1 door has 2 points
● 2 doors have 1 point each
● Remaining 2 doors have 0 points
(Arrangement of points is different for all players)

Your aim is to get maximum points. You first pick one door. Then the bot will open two doors. One of the doors will definitely have 0 points and another door will definitely have 1 point. You can then decide to switch to one of the remaining 3 doors of continue with your current choice.
After continuing with a new choice or your original choice, the bot will open the door which was your final selection. The points behind it will be added on score board under your user name.
When everyone has received their points for the current round, the score board will be displayed and all the players with least points will be kicked out. Remaining players proceed to the next round.

This process continues till only one player remains. That remaining player will be declared as the winner.

(In case all players have same number of points, then everyone is promoted to the next round.)

Caution: Winner should read all the messages by the bot carefully. Immediately after winning, the bot will ask the winner to use the command (Single Space Separated):

/receive@Lucky_Gates_Bot  TOMO_Address

To receive the rewards, the winner must use this command within 4 minutes, or else he/she will lose their prize.

How to buy tickets?

Buying tickets from the bot is fairly simple.

  1. Go to private chat with the bot : @Lucky_Gates_Bot
  2. Tap on /start (Only if this is your first time talking with this bot. Otherwise skip this step)
  3. Then use the following command to buy the tickets (Single Space Seperated) : /buytickets WalletAddy Amount
    Explainantion :
    a. /buytickets is the command
    b. WalletAddy is the address from which you will make the payment (Each ticket costs 10 crts)
    c. Amount is the number of tickets you want to buy
  4. Then the bot will ask you to send (10 * Amount) CRTS to the bot’s wallet from your wallet (WalletAddy in the above commad).
  5. You will have ONLY 3 minutes before the transaction is confirmed. Otherwise the purchase will be cancelled.


I hope you all will win big from this bot and enjoy to your fullest.

The code for the bot was written by: @OreGaZembuToushiiSuru