Each round you can choose a number between 1 and 55.

You can put only ONE number per round ! If you have a numbered RNG ticket, you have twice the chance of winning.
Minimum 9 Rounds and 1 bonus rounds
(Choose a number between 1 and 555 or 999) ! Win a big prizes !
ERC-1155 NFT Prizes, ERC20 and more + Special Events RNG (+50 Rounds per year)

Bonus Dice

The bonus dice is included in each future RNG  !

The bonus dice is a multiplier from 1 to 10. If you win a round of Random Number Giveaway you will have the possibility to choose a number from 1 to 6, if you select the right number you win ! (Up to x 10) The multiplier is random and is chosen in advance by the administrator. The dice is not programmed in advance, it’s a 100% Random system.
Not compatible with the bonus rounds, and with items that are not part of the platform. (Example, Unitopia Multiverse, Enjin Collections..)

1 X RNG Ticket + Online for the RNG =

2 Numbers

2 X RNG Ticket + Online for the RNG =

3 Numbers 

3 X RNG Ticket + Online for the RNG =

4 Numbers

Max 5 Numbers !

You no longer need to be present for the Random number. Buy this token will guarantee winnings automatically sent to your enjin wallet ! By buying this token you support Cryptotipsfriends, for bigger prizes for future giveaways, for the development of new projects, new ERC1155, taxs fees.



You can buy the rng tickets on the shop (Paypal, Crypto Payments or in enjinx.io)

The authorized number limit is per telegram account, wallet adress. If you buy two numbers and you are online at the random number giveaway you can play a third number (2 RNG Tokens + 1 Online) !

Already more than +10’000$ prizes distributed !

Supply Update

Update 1.0

  • PRESALE : 50-100$ per token (PRESALE Sold Out)
  • First Supply & RNG Token Mint (The token is called RNG Token and changed its name to RNG Ticket because of an attempt to Phising NFT with false tokens)

Update 2.1

  • Holders List Update 
  • Fixed Hours 1-2 Days before the RNG
  • Coutdown info Bot Update

Update 3.0 (10.01.2021)

  • You can now receive your prizes with a telegram tip bot (More information here)
  • Pending Prizes List (Update each months)
  • You can choose if you receive your reward on your wallet (Delay max. 3 weeks*) or with the tip bot (Delay 1-3 Days)
  • New type of Rounds : Post Fast & Win
  • New Special Events
  • RNG Notifications Bot : Type /in on Cryptotipschatfr (notify each RNG)
  • RNG Informations Bot : Type /nextrng for the information (exact date) about the next random number giveaway
  • Timezone Update : 2 RNG each Sunday (2 x 5 Rounds) 
  • New RNG Admins (Asia-Europe)
  • Bonus Round Multiplier x2 (Random System)

*As soon as Enjin launch Efinity, the fees will no longer exist. It's just a matter of time :)

Update 5.0 (10.05.2021)

  • Pending Prizes distribution 
  • RNG Supply Update : 100 Tokens (Fixed Supply)*
  • New RNG Ticket Sale : (15 Tokens) 200-750$*
  • Prizes Update : 2 X More Prizes & Value (More Supply = More Prizes)
  • RNG Vote : (RNG Each 2 week ? = 20 Rounds)
  • Some tokens will be available in SWAPCRTS Channel ($CRTS -> RNG Ticket)
  • 3 RNG Tickets will be offered to some admins during the year
  • 2-5 RNG Ticket will be offered in Giveaways. 
  • New Special Rounds
  • Contract Adress : https://enjinx.io/eth/asset/87159326

Update 5.5 (Coming Soon)

  • Enjin Game Integration (Partnerships)
  • RNG Ticket Badge for all the Holders
  • More Update Soon !


*The sale of RNG tokens will be used to finance the new prizes, fees.