You no longer need to be present for the Random number. Buy this token will guarantee winnings automatically sent to your enjin wallet ! By buying this token you support Cryptotipsfriends, for bigger prizes for future giveaways, for the development of new projects, new ERC1155, txs fees.

Every Sunday on Telegram *Since 2019


Supply Update

  • At 3500-5000 members (on https://t.me/CryptotipschatFR) the supply of the RNG Ticket will increase from 55 to 100 Tokens.
  • 100 Tokens = 2 x more wins for the Random Number Giveaway
  • Total Supply (Fixed) : 100 Tokens 
  • Circulating Supply : 55 Tokens
  • Contract Adress : https://enjinx.io/eth/asset/87159326

Update 1.0

  • PRESALE : 50-100$ per token (PRESALE Sold Out)
  • First Supply & RNG Token Mint (The token is called RNG Token and changed its name to RNG Ticket because of an attempt to Phising NFT with false tokens)

Update 2.1

  • Holders List Update 
  • Fixed Hours 1-2 Days before the RNG
  • Coutdown info Bot Update

Update 3.0

  • You can now receive your prizes with a telegram tip bot (More information here)
  • Pending Prizes List (Update each months)
  • You can choose if you receive your reward on your wallet (Delay max. 3 weeks*) or with the tip bot (Delay 1-3 Days)
  • New type of Rounds : Post Fast & Win
  • New Special Events
  • RNG Notifications Bot : Type /in on Cryptotipschatfr (notify each RNG)
  • RNG Informations Bot : Type /nextrng for the information (exact date) about the next random number giveaway
  • Timezone Update : 2 RNG each Sunday (2 x 5 Rounds) 
  • New RNG Admins (Asia-Europe)
  • Bonus Round Multiplier x2 (Random System)

*As soon as Enjin launch Efinity, the fees will no longer exist. It’s just a matter of time 🙂

Update 5.0

  • Pending Prizes distribution 
  • RNG Supply Update : 100 Tokens (Fixed Supply)*
  • New RNG Ticket Sale : (15 Tokens) 200-750$*
  • Prizes Update : 2 X More Prizes & Value (More Supply = More Prizes)
  • RNG Vote : (RNG Each 2 week ? = 20 Rounds)
  • Some tokens will be available in SWAPCRTS Channel ($CRTS -> RNG Ticket)
  • 3 RNG Tickets will be offered to some admins during the year
  • 2-5 RNG Ticket will be offered in Giveaways. 
  • New Special Rounds
  • Contract Adress : https://enjinx.io/eth/asset/87159326

Update V2 1.0 (Coming Soon)

The RNG Ticket is back in July≈ with new updates !