NFT Friends Badge (JUMPNET)


  • Only 10 NFT’s reserved for shop at fixed price 45$.
  • Limited Supply
  • Community Project


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The mint are reserved exclusively for the community, each month giveaways are organized to make you win nft’s designed only by the community, we will also try to collaborate with various artists, nft’s companies. The supply is limited which brings a scarcity effect over time. The purpose of this initiative is to allow people to create their own nft’s without worrying about how to do it, how to promote. This initiative also makes it possible to make known small emerging artists. The goal for us is not the profit. It’s creating, sharing, bringing people together !

How will the project be successful? The supply is limited to 50 tokens only. Supply fixed. 5 tokens are reserved for promotions, team. 45 tokens will be on sale !

  • 10 tokens at 20 JENJ
  • 10 tokens at 30 JENJ
  • 10 tokens at 40 JENJ
  • 15 tokens at 50 JENJ

We are betting on a valuation of the NFT Friends Bage which will bring financial stability.